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Through its vetted, high quality partners, BSA offers your business the ability to cut IT budgets (both people and IT equipment costs) whilst reducing its carbon footprint. We can also reduce the growing risks of cyber security and GDPR non-compliance in your business. See below BSA's 3 service options:

Option 1 - Saving money from your IT budget whilst cutting carbon

Minimise IT waste

Stop useful IT equipment going to landfill by working with one of our experienced refurbishment partners. Your unwanted, used or excess IT devices will be collected and data erased in line with the latest GDPR regulations, with full documentation for peace of mind. Our partners operate to the highest data protection and security standards, and ensure that your technology gets a second life.

Choose sustainable solutions

Choose performance without harming the environment. Our partners provide a variety of refurbished IT hardware, which is proven to provide the same performance as new, includes extended warranties, and enables impressive cost savings.

There are also options to upgrade or repair your existing technology, saving you money and hassle whilst ensuring that useful IT equipment does not end up in landfill.

Extend IT life cycles

Getting cost-effective and efficient performance means analysing your entire IT life cycle. Our IT partners provide a variety of quality services, whether you need to buy, replace, upgrade, repair or sell your technology. They can also provide personalised advice for your specific business needs, IT budget, and existing IT hardware to choose the best IT solution for your organisation.

Sell unwanted IT hardware

We buy back a variety of used, excess or unwanted IT equipment, which is the best way to generate IT funds whilst stopping quality technology going to waste. Simply tell us what IT hardware you would like to sell, and our partner will provide a free quote within 24 hours.

Every IT asset will be data erased using industry-leading software, guaranteeing the highest level of data protection. Each item will then be refurbished in order to keep the technology in circulation.

Server Energy Optimisation

Our partner can also offer you a machine learning application that provides mid-tier and enterprise data centres with tailored recommendations to significantly lower costs, optimise energy efficiency, and increase sustainability in their server estate.

Originally developed in conjunction with the University of East London, and following published IEEE research into server efficiency, this is is a unique service in today’s data centre market.

Download Brochure:

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Option 2 - Cyber Security & GDPR Protection - Staff Awareness Training & Testing

We've sourced and negotiated a competitively priced Security Awareness Training and Testing managed service for your business. Trusted by over 800 organisations across 200,000 users to ultimately stop their employees from being a cyber security risk.

Our partner provides cyber security E-Learning combined with a truly bespoke and targeted service for every individual customer to ensure effectiveness. Fully Managed and at a lower cost than managing yourself, you can get all your employees trained and kept vigilant around cyber security without adding to your already busy workloads and project list.

Stop Security Incidents

The purpose of the Fully managed Security Awareness Training and Testing (SATT) service is to stop your employees from causing security incidents. It is only by providing your employees with security awareness training and regular testing that you will achieve this goal.

We have found that Security incidents are stopped by raising employee awareness of cybercrime, training employees with the correct skills and keeping them vigilant so they apply the training skills on a day to day basis.

It is widely recognised that employees are the most vulnerable to targeted attacks. This is why our fully managed SATT service is the number one and most important way to protect your organisation from modern day and targeted cyber threats

The three stages of SATT:

The SATT service combats the weakest cyber security link within any organisation – your end users – and is delivered in three stages over a 12-month service agreement.


We research your organisation and send a targeted email to all employees. Typically, you will see 40% to 70% of your employees putting your security at risk. The baseline not only provides a real-life and accurate reflection of how vulnerable your employees are today and raises awareness – this leads to a much faster and positive uptake of the training.

Stage 2 - TRAINING

All employees receive security awareness training. This is a 15-minute online video that each employee watches at their desk and at their own convenience. The training covers everything that is relevant to modern cyber-crime and how to prevent falling victim to these threats.


The most important stage. Regular targeted phishing emails (one per user per month and randomised) are sent to all employees. The targeted emails work to ensure staff stay vigilant and apply the training skills on a day to day basis. Anyone who is still a security risk to your business is provided the additional, in-depth training they need to protect your organisation.

The value of SATT Service

Why choose this Service?

How does BSA Buying Group add value?

We've vetted the supplier partner and continually monitor levels of client satisfaction. Plus if you buy the full SATT service, BSA has negotiated free Cyber Gap Analysis and a free Vulnerability Assessment. Plus if you also take up our GDPR Tax Credits service the tax reclaim can be used to fund this service.

The SATT service will the best (small) investment you make over the next 12 months, protecting your reputation, customers, finances, data and IT assets. It comes with a full money back guarantee if your end users' susceptibility to phising attacks isn't reduced within 60 days.

GDPR Staff Awareness Training

BSA's partner supplier can also offer a cost-effective, convenient and time-saving solution to raise awareness and educate employees on GDPR.

The Three Stages of GDPR Awareness

Option 3 - A cost-effective way to get the best IT Leadership talent on your team

These days tech is at the heart of every ambitious mid-market businesses. You need a first-class IT leader at the top table, but you don’t need this person full-time.

BSA Buying Group has partnered with the UK’s largest and most experienced team of IT leaders (IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs). They work on a part-time (fractional), flexible basis with ambitious companies to drive business success. They work exclusively in the mid-market sector across all industries and their team are drawn from the top 1% of IT leaders in the UK.

They focus on ensuring that your IT strategy is aligned with your overall business strategy; they lead IT innovation and drive change; they can manage your IT staff and suppliers; and ensure value, reliability, cyber security and business continuity. They focus on your business outcomes rather than just technology, and are completely independent of any branded technology – which is almost unique in IT.

Here are typical examples of why businesses engage with our partner:

If you identify with any of these challenges or concerns please contact us (0800 254 0344) for a no strings conversation and we'll introduce you to our partners.

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