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Thanks to its buying power, the BSA Buying Group is able to deliver average cost savings of 20% in this category. We achieve the savings through competitively tendering out to several pre-audited stationery suppliers, all of whom have excellent service performance track records in their industry.

What product areas does the BSA Buying Group cover?

What are the key benefits from joining the BSA Buying Group?

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Account Management

Repeat v One-off buys

All repeat buys will be added to the "core list" from the outset and will enjoy significant unit price reductions (typically 10-35% less than the your previous prices). These prices have been negotiated at a rate that only BSA Buying Group members can enjoy. For non-repeat items that are only ordered rarely, you use a supplier catalogue which provides product and price information. The prices in this catalogue whilst competitively priced, are further discounted for BSA Buying Group members.

The approved suppliers both review the spend patterns periodically and if it appears that purchases that were initially assumed to be one-offs become more regular, they will be moved to the core list, thus reducing price in the process.

Switch Selling Programme

Many businesses focus only on providing savings on core lines. Our strategic supplier's proactive approach to you will ensure we provide ongoing savings for our customers on non-core lines as demonstrated below. We are pleased to offer all BSA Buying Group members this unique 'cost-saving' package' on non-core lines as part of the overall partnership approach.

Many end users do not have detailed product knowledge and, therefore, do not always make the most favourable purchasing decision on behalf of their business. The strategic supplier is able to act as the 'expert buyer' on your behalf. Their system proactively inspects each order and checks whether they are able to offer an alternative product that offers similar quality at a lower cost. They are able to swap this over on the client's order at their discretion and send back an acknowledgement detailing the products that are going to be despatched.

This proactive approach can typically save in excess of 40% of your non-contract spend.

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