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Founded in 2002, Buying Support Agency Ltd (BSA) is one of the UK's leading Business Costs and Procurement Consultants, We're in our 20th year of supporting client procurement, operations and finance teams, freeing up their time to tackle the critical supply challenges, boosting their cashflow and cutting carbon. We work with established UK based SMEs, mid to larger corporates and public sector bodies across all sectors.

In the short video (below) Founder of BSA, Matt Roper, explains how BSA Buying Group boosts your cashflow and profit...

Our mission is to help UK businesses "create cash, boost supply value and cut carbon." This is delivered thanks to our buying power, our sustainable procurement service and partnerships with best value suppliers. If we can save your company money, reduce supply risk and environmental damage and free up your resource and funds, your company and society will benefit.

Our team of highly experienced CIPS qualified procurement specialists support the delivery of strategic and operational change to boost your bottom line, whilst mitigating the growing number of global supply chain risks. Depending on your specific needs, this involves one or more of our tailored procurement services (below):

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