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We have partnered with specialist telecoms brokers that will deliver significant added value to your company by constantly reviewing the market to ensure that the best deals are secured. We cover landlines, mobiles, broadband and telephone equipment.

What are the benefits of joining the telecoms category of the BSA Buying Group?

What are the benefits of changing supply?

Our partners compare your charges and ensure that you enjoy the very best deal in the marketplace. Their close working relationships with Top Tier service providers means that they can tailor or alter products to fit your individual company requirements.

What peace of mind do I have that quality will not deteriorate?

Our partners have direct account relationships with only the best (i.e. top ten) Tier One* providers for Customer Service. These include Telewest, NTL, Redstone (BT Wholesalers), Your Comms, Cable & Wireless and Kingston. We only deal with Tier One providers. * The Industry Regulator, OFCOM, has set call quality standards known as "Tiers". The highest standard is Tier One, which is deemed to be the same quality as experienced by a caller using British Telecom. The Buying Support Agency will also review supplier performance, and feedback results to Clients on a quarterly basis. By overseeing supplier performance we can manage service levels delivered.

Will I receive ongoing support once the change has taken place?

Your appointed consultants will continually support you, helping you with problems or questions that may arise. They will also be happy to provide free advice on your future telecoms infrastructure development as technology advances in the future.

Carrier Pre Select (CPS).

Our partners work closely with all Clients to negotiate rates for CPS supply agreements. Their knowledge gives Clients the confidence to choose which provider/supplier they want to carry their voice and data calls. There is no inconvenience involved with CPS, no auto-dialers, manual prefixing or PBX reprogramming; you keep your existing numbers and continue to make telephone calls as usual.

The advantage of this service is that you use the existing BT network without the expensive associated costs. Our partners help to secure lower rates than may otherwise be offered for all local, national and mobile calls and mobile call charges.

Their support will ensure all the relevant information is passed to the carrier who will then take over all calls on the lines at an agreed time. Problems with CPS normally only ever come from lack of information so they take care to ensure that all information has been captured up front.

Today's technology means there is no box to install, no extra numbers to dial and no change to your lines. With a smooth transition, you will simply enjoy the benefit of lower pence per minute rates and often significantly lower minimum connection fees.

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