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Borrowing is becoming ever more expensive, but there is an alternative: tax reclaims.

BSA Buying Group has vetted and partnered with a number of trusted Tax specialists. Each help to free up cash for your business through legitimate tax reclaims - R&D tax credits and Business Rates reviews.

R&D Tax Credits

As procurement specialists, we understand the importance of cutting costs, boosting profits and increasing your buying power to make more efficient decisions. As part of this investment in your company, there is a high chance you will be undertaking some degree of research and development – and could be eligible for a tax credit or cash refund.

BSA Buying Group has partnered with a specialist firm of tax experts specialising in helping companies to identify R&D within their business and claim R&D Tax Credits.

Additional funding to grow your business

R&D Tax Credits provide a valuable source of funding and can transform future investment decisions into your business, depending on your growth and expansion needs. Despite the UK’s R&D Tax Credit scheme being the most generous of over 30 such tax subsidy schemes around the world, the take-up across UK business has been minimal. This has primarily been due to lack of awareness and misunderstandings - many thousands of companies are missing out on tax credits or cash.

As part of our commitment to supporting BSA clients across their business, we have created an opportunity to help access this potentially business-changing service.

How it works

The process for claiming tax refunds or cash back is straightforward, designed to maximise the benefit to you, without taking up too much time. Typically, you should expect to spend no more than half a day and could receive tax credit or cash within 4-6 weeks of your initial conversation.

Once you submit your details, our partners will:

1. arrange a meeting to explain the service in more detail and confirm if you qualify

2. request financial and project information

3. speak to key staff to extract relevant information about your work

4. produce a technical report and calculate the value of your claim

5. submit the claim to HMRC on your behalf.

Once approved, you will receive your tax credit or cash.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to your business unless the claim is successful – the service is risk-free for your company. Our partners provide a complete end-to-end service, taking care of everything.

You can go back up to 2 financial years, and claim every year going forwards – often resulting in a substantial amount of unexpected cash for a first-time claimant.

Business Rates Review

A lot of our clients tell us how much they resent having to pay high business rates. But the problem is made worse by rating review companies charging upfront fees, failing to audit properly and failing to win appeals. High pressure sales tactics are too common and, what's more, these companies often take half the savings achieved.

We thought we could do much better than this...

We offer you...

An initial free valuation appraisal conducted by a highly experienced chartered surveyor to ascertain if an appeal is appropriate.

No up front charges.

A 'no win no fee' charging structure. Only where an appeal is successful, we will take a share of the total saving achieved.

Advice covering all aspects of rating validation from applying for small business rates' relief, help with filling out forms to calculations for transitional relief and advice with empty or partially empty properties.

Typical Savings...

Experience tells us that about 70% of properties valued will be appealed and a successful appeal will typically result in a saving of between 15% and 30%.

From SMEs to large multi-site Blue Chip organisations, our partner specialises in making appeals on all types of commercial property and will negotiate on a client's behalf with the Valuation Office Agency to appeal its business rates.

I'd value a tax reclaim - what are the next steps?

Borrowing is becoming ever more expensive, but there is an alternative: tax reclaims. For more details, call BSA today (0800 254 0344) or submit the enquiry form (right hand side of this page) and we'll call you back to discuss your individual requirements and how we can support you.

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