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The combination of government healthcare spending cuts, staff skills shortages and wage increases has seriously damaged the financial stability of many care groups companies and not even the largest companies have escaped the downturn (e.g. the recent demise of Southern Cross Healthcare). The press are reporting that a quarter of all care home businesses could be out of business by 2020, at the very time when demand for social care is rising.

With the care sector in crisis, it is all the more crucial that your own care home business makes sure that it has control over its costs. That's where BSA can help...

Click on the PDF icon to download a brief which summarises our approach and the key benefits to your care group:

PDF DocumentAffordable Support for the Care Home Sector

"I hadn’t seen this level of business support service tailored to the care home sector before, which given the current economic challenges is timely. BSA Buying Group has opened our eyes to the opportunity to use third party procurement expertise to cut business costs." (The CEO, Sequence Care Group)

If you have concerns that your Care Group's business and procurement capabilities may have weaknesses (e.g. governance and compliance issues, supplier performance, cost or cash flow challenges) and would value a discussion about how we might help you, then please call us on 0800 254 0344.

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