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BSA Buying Group is pleased to launch our latest cost category – vending services.

We’ve built a framework of leading UK wide suppliers of premium refreshments and coffee vending machines, all delivering a personal service which is both cost effective and efficient. Solutions include vending machine hire or purchase, a fully managed cleaning and replenishing service, maintenance back up and ingredients wholesale.

As demand for healthier options continues to grow, we’ve ensured that our suppliers can source products that can offer a good alternative to traditional products like crisps, confectionery or sugary fizzy drinks. Healthier products include cereal bars, energy bars, dried fruit and nuts as well as low fat savoury snacks, smoothies, fruit juices and still, sparkling and flavoured waters. These can be incorporated into a machine that also sells traditional products or if required our supplier partners can install a stand-alone machine to vend only products which promote a healthy alternative, suitable for installation in a variety of locations including sports and recreation grounds and offices and schools.

Take action to reduce your vending costs whilst maintaining or even improving quality - call us now on 0800 254 0344.

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