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Calling all trade associations - the benefits of teaming up with BSA

BSA has developed strong relationships with many UK trade associations, delivering overhead cost reduction via BSA Buying Group as a key member benefit. We understand that many trade associations are keen to provide economic support to their members in these challenging economic times, and BSA Buying Group is an ideal and ready-made solution.

Not only will we waive the BSA Buying Group access fee for members of our trade association partners, we will also provide an ongoing revenue stream to the trade association. And rather than having to manage several separate commercial member benefit supplier relationships, working with BSA will reduce admin time for the trade association through a consolidation of service provision.

Examples of Trade Association partnership

Watch a short video where the Founder & CEO of Buying Support Agency (BSA), Matt Roper, talks with Ian Cass, CEO of the Forum of Private Business (FPB) - key partners of BSA - about how FPB Members can boost profits by joining BSA Buying Group.

Another example is the Institute of Directors (IoD) - we managed their cost reduction member benefit scheme over a period of five years. The highest cost saving delivered to IoD Members was 58%, the lowest 15%. We also delivered savings to the Institute itself; Members of the Forum of Private Business (FPB) have been saving money through our Buying Group since 2007. Our most recent partnerships are with CIMSPA and techUK.

As well as helping members save money via BSA Buying Group, we also add value to trade associations by providing on-site training and online webinars where we give advice about best practice procurement and effective negotiation.

If you're a member benefit manager at a trade association and would like to discuss working with us, please call us on 0800 254 0344.

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