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What is an Fuel Card?

A BSA Fuel Card is a secure method of payment for fuel and other vehicle related products (Ad-Blue, Oil, Lube) issued by our new Fuel Card partner giving you access to a wide variety of networks including Shell, BP, Texaco, Esso and UK Fuels which also opens up Tesco, Morrisons and Co Op forecourts.

Why have a Fuel Card?

By having a fuel card through BSA Buying Group, you can be assured of the control, security and convenience of branded fuel sites, with the opportunity to make significant savings against pump prices combined with one simple invoice for all fuel purchases meaning no VAT goes unclaimed.

How much do I pay for the fuel?

There are two ways to reduce your fuel expenditure with a fuel card; the first is to take advantage of a fixed weekly price that covers all sites on your chosen network for 7 days. There can be a fluctuation weekly dependent on the market but as a BSA Buying Group client you are protected from any major swings and will be circa 8p below the national average for every litre purchased. This tends to be best pricing platform for the larger organisation as the more you buy the cheaper it becomes; the second option is called PumpSaver which is a guaranteed discount against the pump price displayed at the forecourt on that day. BSA Buying Group have secured 3 pence per litre discount on the network of your choice which is a very competitive offer. This product tends to benefit the small to medium business.

Are there any hidden costs or transaction fees?

Most Fuel Cards come with additional charges that can quickly eat in to any cost saving linked purely to price. However BSA Buying Group have managed to secure a better value way of fuelling; firstly, there are no card charges for the first year and then just £4 per card per annum from year 2 onwards; secondly there are no transaction fees or service charges applied to your invoices making the price you pay for fuel completely transparent; finally, we have removed non-usage fees, so you can use your product in line with the needs of your fleet no matter how active it may be.

How does it work?

Once you have registered your interest in fuel cards, you will be contacted by one of our fuel experts who will quickly ascertain your requirements for network and product before processing your application over the phone. As part of the set up you will need to pick your preferred payment terms (7 days as standard, but we also offer the flexibility to have 14, 21 or 30 days of credit if that is better for you cash flow). There will then be a basic credit check performed. Once successful you will then receive your cards within 5 to 10 days and be ready to start making savings straight away.

How do I know where I can use the card?

To help you know where to fill up we have E-Route which is our online site locator. This can drill down in to a specific postcode or display all sites on a designated route. The platform utilises google maps, our fuel card partner's site data and your journey or location. E-Route is available on either your desk top computer or on the move with the free-to-download application. You can also download and email site lists to drivers via PDF if you prefer.

How do I manage my account?

Our fuel card partner has developed their own market leading online fleet management platform called Velocity and as with E-Route this is free to BSA clients. Velocity is available on your desk top or as a downloadable application for your mobile or tablet. This self-service tool is a one stop shop for managing your account, giving you the ability to download invoices, stop or order cards, create fuel alerts and even gives you the ability to generate bespoke or predefined reports on all aspects of your fleet.


Fuel Cards are a flexible, secure payment method for businesses, giving drivers access to fuel and vehicle related products (if required). There are different pricing policies and differing levels of coverage depending on the network you choose so there is real benefit in allowing our partner experts to tailor a solution directly to the needs of your business and its priorities. Fees and charges can be a real issue when buying fuel which is why BSA are thrilled to have negotiated such an attractive and transparent way to keep your fleet moving.

Do you also offer products which can reduce my company fleet fuel consumption?

Yes we do! We sell fuel conditioners which cut vehicle fuel bills by an average of 5-15% through greater fuel efficiency. Click here to buy these conditioners online.

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