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The BSA has worked with many financial services organisations based in the City of London and across the UK. Most companies have been tackling their cost base, particularly in light of the economic challenges following the credit crunch, and our procurement support service has delivered significant cost savings, particularly though our procurement consultancy and Buying Group.

Organisations we can support include:

Case Study no.1

A leading household insurance company in Southern England sought our assistance in relation to its print procurement. Its spend in this area was well in excess of £1 million per annum and they recognised that they lacked the internal specialist skills to optimise their print spend. Our print specialist audited their print requirements, supply spends, existing printer capabilities and internal user demands and delivered an action plan for change. We then provided tendering and negotiation support and have saved the client hundreds of thousands of pounds, plus they now have a robust process for procuring print in the future.

Case Study no.2

We benchmarked the utilities and stationery spends for a major estate agency group in the North West of England. They have dozens of estate agency offices, all of which were operating autonomously in relation to overhead purchasing. We benchmarked their prices and value via our Buying Group and saved them over 20% on their stationery and utility costs.

Are you interested in partnering with the BSA to support your clients?

We work with many Financial Service organisations (particularly Chartered Accountants) to provide their clients with procurement support and cost reduction.If you're interested in developing links with the BSA in order to boost the profitablity and cash flow of your clients, then call us on 0800 254 0344.

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