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up Parent Directory 11-Nov-2020 14:30 - unknown 1750. BSA EXPO A6 Postcard v2 170614.pdf 17-Jun-2014 21:11 1896k unknown 2955 BSA 1.3 Care Homes A5 4pp Lft v5.pdf 23-Dec-2016 12:12 4696k unknown 3463 BSA 1.1 Generic less than 10m A5 4pp Lft Feb18 v2.pdf 31-Jan-2018 17:45 4828k unknown 3463 BSA 1.2 Generic more than 10m A5 4pp Lft Feb18 v1.pdf 31-Jan-2018 17:35 4264k unknown 3463 BSA 1.3 Care Homes A5 4pp Lft Feb18 v1.pdf 31-Jan-2018 17:50 4564k unknown 3463 BSA 1.4 Academy Trusts A5 4pp Lft Feb18 v1.pdf 31-Jan-2018 17:52 3800k unknown 3463 BSA 1.5 Housing Associations A5 4pp Lft Feb18 v1.pdf 31-Jan-2018 17:48 4272k unknown 4147 BSA 4 Sport Buying Group Leaflet v2 WEB revised.pdf 30-Oct-2019 10:02 5048k unknown 4245 BSA A5 4pp Lft Feb20 v2 WEB.pdf 26-Feb-2020 16:41 4884k unknown 8 tips for buyers navigating Brexit 270417.pdf 27-Apr-2017 16:20 368k unknown 8 tips for buyers to navigate the risks of Brexit 240717.pdf 24-Jul-2017 10:39 108k unknown 83 IOD News_Affinity_Jul-Aug14.pdf 29-Jun-2014 20:36 112k unknown Article on Purchasing Tool (Quadrant Analysis) David Mar 06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 12:57 36k unknown Article on Purchasing best practice for profit growth.pdf 31-Jan-2011 18:19 140k unknown Article on better buying David Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:02 36k unknown Article on the benefits of BSA Consortium MR Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 12:58 28k unknown Article on whether Travel management should be left to purchasers.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:04 216k unknown Article on why SMES must improve their Purchasing practices.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:06 40k unknown Article on why SMEs lose out in the buying stakes.pdf 31-Jan-2011 17:20 124k unknown BSA Article Purchasing Revolution.pdf 30-Oct-2017 16:30 1312k unknown BSA Briefing Paper (Housing Associations sector) July 2016.pdf 29-Jul-2016 09:37 624k unknown BSA Client Agreement (BRONZE) v4.docx 03-Jun-2015 17:19 40k unknown BSA Client Infographic PDF version.pdf 01-Jun-2015 16:13 860k unknown BSA Sales presentation (AP 50 club) V2.ppt 30-Sep-2014 16:12 540k unknown BSA Sales presentation (AP 50 club).ppt 30-Sep-2014 16:04 548k unknown BSA Why use a TMC Infographic pdf.pdf 28-May-2015 11:14 620k unknown BSA notes for APs (Insurance Healthcheck) V1.pdf 18-Jun-2014 13:07 156k unknown Best Practice Purchasing Training Workshop Feb18.pdf 19-Feb-2018 16:40 104k unknown CHOOSING A PRINT SUPPLIER TRAINING APR 10.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:17 80k unknown Client Approved Cost Category Review V2.pdf 17-Sep-2014 21:34 176k unknown Completed Blog re Academy collaborative procurement 260417.pdf 30-Oct-2017 16:55 380k unknown Effective Negotiation.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:13 88k unknown Effective-Negotiation-e-book.pdf 22-Jul-2014 08:43 672k unknown IOD member reference sheet (for AP sales process).pdf 30-Sep-2014 16:06 308k unknown Import Duty Cost Reduction for Buyers.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:19 32k unknown Introduction to Customs for International Buyers.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:21 24k unknown Introduction to Print Buying.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:14 88k unknown PRINT AND PAPER SPECIFICATION TRAINING Apr 10.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:16 80k unknown Perkbox Presentation (BSA website).pdf 07-Jun-2018 15:58 1288k unknown Procuring Professional Services Oct 06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:11 108k unknown Purchasing Best Practice Training.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:12 32k unknown SLA GUIDELINES (BSA) 310111.pdf 31-Jan-2011 17:40 252k unknown SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT TRAINING APR 10.pdf 03-Jan-2011 22:18 84k unknown TOPIC GUIDE (Negotiation Tips Part II) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:43 44k unknown Thumbs.db 23-Dec-2010 14:24 16k unknown Topic Guide (10 Tips for Buying Recruitment) Mar06.pdf 31-Jan-2011 18:10 52k unknown Topic Guide (Benchmarking) Allan Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:15 36k unknown Topic Guide (CSR) MR Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:14 44k unknown Topic Guide (How to conduct a Procurement Project) Tony Apr06.pdf 31-Jan-2011 17:53 32k unknown Topic Guide (Managing Suppliers) Tony Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:40 40k unknown Topic Guide (Managing procurement risk) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:18 76k unknown Topic Guide (Negotiation Tips) Simon Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:42 40k unknown Topic Guide (Price Breakdown) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:44 32k unknown Topic Guide (Specifications) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:44 32k unknown Topic Guide (Supplier Appraisal) Tony Apr06.pdf 31-Jan-2011 18:11 44k unknown Topic Guide (Supplier Partnerships) Ian Mar 06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:45 40k unknown Topic Guide (Supplier selection process) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:46 44k unknown Topic Guide (Tender Management) Tony Apr06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:47 32k unknown Topic Guide (Value for Money Tools and Options) Tony Mar06.pdf 03-Jan-2011 20:47 76k unknown cleanclicks.pdf 26-Jun-2020 19:19 136k unknown ecp_website.pdf 23-Dec-2010 14:24 1012k unknown mwp_features-pricing_guide_3003.pdf 27-Apr-2020 22:29 1068k

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