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Wouldn't it be great if you could work with a purchasing specialist to significantly cut your charity's overhead costs...sounds good doesn't it? And better still if the same service provider could facilitate a new funding stream for your charity, through our donating 30% of ongoing BSA4Charity's rebates received by the trading activities of your corporate sponsors?

'BSA4Charity' Buying Group provides you with the option to do just that, following 2 simple steps:

Step 1:

BSA4Charity Buying Group, a division of Buying Support Agency Ltd (BSA), provides your charity with a free cost audit. We can review any number of overhead cost categories (see below for the full 24 cost areas we can review). The audit will identify significant opportunities for significant cost savings thanks to our buying power and purchasing know-how (i.e. up to 58% and an average of 15-25%). We then introduce our hand-picked vetted suppliers, and you then decide whether to trade with them directly. You can be rest assured that all suppliers we introduce have been selected because they provide great value for money consistently over time.

Step 2:

Having seen how BSACharity Buying Group works for your charity, we encourage you to tell your corporate sponsors about us, without needing to formally endorse us, and suggesting they get in touch with us. We will also waive our buying group access fees to them, thanks to their association with your charity, saving them £1,068 per annum.

If your corporate sponsors then decide to trade via BSA Buying Group - as many hundreds of organisations have since 2005 - they will, like your charity in step 1, be reducing their overhead costs too. Not just that, as a fantastic bonus BSA4Charity pledge to donate 30% of its ongoing supplier rebates relating to this trade back to your charity for as long as your corporate sponsors trade with the BSA approved suppliers.

As part of the package, we can also offer a staff perks scheme to your charity and corporate sponsors at a specially negotiated discount rate. And we can then share the commission we earn from this scheme back to your charity too.

Which business costs can BSA4Charity Buying Group review?

Benefits to your charity of teaming up with BSA4Charity Buying Group:

So what do I have to do next?

Simply fill in the enquiry form (on the right) and we'll get in touch to explain how quickly and easily your charity can take advantage of this scheme.

**Whilst the BSA makes no warranty or representation and expressly disclaims any warranty or representation, that it will achieve or offer members the lowest market prices for the goods and services in question, it is able to deliver significant cost savings for the vast majority of members who use the service. You are under no obligation to use BSA's approved suppliers, nor will you be locked into a contract directly with BSA. BSA will demonstrate the cost saving first, before you decide to progress.

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