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By working with BSA4Charity Buying Group, we'll protect your charity from the currently high levels of inflation which are eating away at your funds.

BSA4Charity Buying Group provides your charity with a free cost audit. We can review any number of overhead cost categories (see below for the 12 cost areas we can review). The audit will identify significant opportunities to protect your charity's cash flow thanks to our buying power and purchasing know-how. We then introduce our hand-picked vetted suppliers, and you then decide whether to trade with them directly. You can be rest assured that all suppliers we introduce have been selected because they provide great value for money consistently over time.

Which business costs can BSA4Charity Buying Group review?

So what do I have to do next?

Simply fill in the enquiry form (on the right) and we'll get in touch to explain how quickly and easily your charity can take advantage of this scheme. Alternatively, call 0800 254 0344 today.

**Whilst the BSA makes no warranty or representation and expressly disclaims any warranty or representation, that it will achieve or offer members the lowest market prices for the goods and services in question, it is able to deliver significant cost savings for the vast majority of members who use the service. You are under no obligation to use BSA's approved suppliers, nor will you be locked into a contract directly with BSA. BSA will demonstrate the cost saving first, before you decide to progress.

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