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BSA has forged a close partnership with two catering specialists, so we can serve your foodservice procurement needs regardless of geographical territory or size of spend.

Like BSA, our partners works very closely with their chosen network of both national and local suppliers to ensure high quality products and service levels. It means that we are able to provide both large and small businesses with broad product choice and peace of mind that they aren’t paying over the odds.

The best of both worlds - national suppliers and local fresh produce suppliers

The partnership means BSA has unique access to unrivalled buying power (annual combined client spend exceeds £2 Billion) and catering supply agreements covering a wide range of product categories covering all elements of food supply, catering equipment, alcohol and non-food. We also recognise that our clients will value both national suppliers (ideal for the commodity catering products where buying power is key) but also want access to smaller, regional fresh produce suppliers who are well placed to service the needs of the local market. This flexibility is at the heart of our partner's approach.

We recognise the growing interest in sustainability and food provenance and are able to respond to these requirements. Our catering specialists will always aim to increase the quality & service from suppliers, whilst striving to reduce total cost wherever possible.

Negotiating the best prices, maintaining value over time

Our partners are experts in the catering market place, and with their buying power are able to negotiate best value prices and work constantly to ensure value is maintained over time. Given the existing inflationary pressures in the food sector, regular price comparison and benchmarking is done across the basket of food products from a wide range of suppliers.

As with the other cost categories covered by BSA and its supply chain partners, we'll give you peace of mind that you are buying competitively and that your prices are being professionally managed. All suppliers are fully audited to ensure that they meet the required industry standards.

From the outset, our partners take the time to understand your business and the challenges you face by ensuring that all stakeholders, from owners to chefs, are involved in the discussion. That way we reach a solution which leaves everyone happy with no compromises in terms of quality or service.

We can break this down into a simple three-stage process.

So let's work together and deliver tremendous value to your customers. Call 0800 254 0344 to discuss your specific catering supplies needs.

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