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BSA Buying Group didn't want to work with just any old foodservice supplier. We recognise how critical service and quality levels are in this sector, and therefore our aim was to select a supplier partner who could deliver keen prices but at the same time had high levels of integrity and an obsessive desire to provide the highest level of service to its customer base. In the end, we've therefore selected one national foodservice partner who sailed through our vetting process. We strongly recommend that you come on board BSA Buying Group to truly enjoy best value foodservice. Here's what our partner can offer you...

Our partner is synonymous with the supply of high quality food, non-food products and related services to more than 1700 customers in the 'out of home' sector, employing some 300 staff at two distribution centres. The acquisition in 2008 of fresh produce and a specialty foods supplier has extended their range of products that they are able to offer our clients, resulting in a genuine 'one stop shop' for the busy caterer.


Their proposition is based on a total commitment to quality and customer service. As they have grown and won national business it has become apparent that their core values of trust, integrity, passion and team work have set them apart. Their mission is to be the foodservice provider of choice for innovation, service and sustainability.

They are one of the leading independent foodservice wholesalers in the UK recognised for range, innovation and service. These key elements have been developed over the years as they have grown.


Continually developing the range of categories, products and services they offer, they were one of the first Foodservice wholesalers to invest in an on-site fully accredited butchery 'cutting plant'. For the modern caterer the ability to place one order for next day delivery for all their catering requirements drives efficiency and minimises costs.


With service levels amongst the best in the industry, our foodservice partner continuously focuses on maintaining their high standards of service across the whole business operation.


Their aim is to drive down their CO2 emissions by 7.5% each year for the next 3 years. Since 2010 they've seen marked declines in their carbon footprint at the same time as their business has grown significantly. This is in part thanks to their strategy of sustainability and putting the resources in place to deliver the vision. They have a cross functional sustainability team and a Sustainability Director.

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