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40% of SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the past 5 years

Posted 29 March 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

40% of SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the past 5 years

Hands up whose been hassled in the recent past by utility brokers, wanting to save you money? Yet despite the constant barrage of cold calls, it may surprise you to learn that nearly 40% of all UK SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the last five years.

That's a staggering one third of all small firms losing out on the historically low energy rates currently in the wholesale energy market. Worse still, we speak to many companies who admit to being on out of contract rates, the majority of which are therefore paying way more than they need to.

There are many hundreds of brokers across the UK, many of whom are reputable but many who are sadly less so. With so many cold calls from brokers, no wonder many companies are confused and put off from acting because they don't know which brokers will deliver best value. Added to that, many perceive that switching is a hassle.

That's where BSA Buying Group can help.

Joining the BSA Buying Group's Utilities category is all about minimising your company's gas and electricity prices and holding on to the best deal for the right length of time. Not just that, as a buyer, we've carefully vetted and hand-picked our Utilities broker partners, ensuring that we only work with those experts who are highly regarded in the sector. They keep a constant watch on the whole market and are independent of the individual energy providers. And we keep a constant watch on them.

And switching is very simple, too.

What are the benefits of joining the Utility category of BSA Buying Group?

Our Utilities Partners are constantly reviewing the Gas and Electricity market place to ensure that the very best deal can be secured for our members. Given the major supply risks and price volatility in the market the need for specialist support is all the more important. When Utility prices drop you will be in the privileged position of having specialists on your side who will react immediately to ensure that you enjoy price reductions as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of changing supply?

You will get a better deal if you allow our experts to look around on your behalf. Timing is critical and they have the market knowledge to help your company optimise its utility contract.

What peace of mind do I have that quality will not deteriorate?

Our Utilities partners know the marketplace and only work with the top service providers, known for their value, quality of service, financial security and strength in the market. You will of course be informed of the preferred supplier prior to your decision to sign up to the proposed contract and at all times you are free to decide which supplier is right for your business. You are not obligated to accept the quotes.

Will I see any difference once I've switched supplier?

If you change to a supplier who gives you savings on your bills, you will see the difference financially. There will be no other changes.

Will I receive ongoing support once the change has taken place?

Our utility specialist brokers will continually support you, helping you with problems or questions that may arise. They will also be happy to provide free advice on your future requirements as the marketplace changes in the future. BSA Buying Group is also monitoring supplier performance to ensure that Clients continue to be happy over the long term, and you can call us if you're not happy with their performance.

If I sign a new agreement what happens?

We will let you know exactly when you will be seamlessly transferred to the new supplier. Our Utilities specialists hold the contract end date information on a database, so that they can review market rates on your behalf just prior to contract expiry, to ensure that you continue to obtain the very best rates over the long term.

What are the steps to switching supply?

First contact BSA Buying Group to join up as a member. This will then open up access to all 24 cost categories covered by the Buying Group, including Utilities. Then post us copies of your last bills for electricity and/or gas supply, and inform us of the expiry date of your existing Utilities contract. We will also send you a Letter of Authority ('LOA') which you will need to print off on your letter-headed paper then sign and send back to us. We will then work with our Utilities specialists to analyse your current charges compared to what is available in the marketplace. The utility partners will then present their findings. You have no obligation to accept the quotes provided unless you wish to progress and enjoy the improved supply arrangement. Switching is really simple and quick too. So save time, boost your profits and make it easier to turn away the cold callers, by ringing 0800 254 0344 today.

by M Roper | 29 March 2016

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