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Preparing for post COVID-19 lockdown world

Posted 4 May 2020 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

I have a sign above my desk, a Government Public Information Notice which says "Keep Calm and Carry On." It's arguably an apt comment for the strange world in which we all currently exist. There is plenty of reason to worry, with the threat of huge numbers of jobs being lost, particularly in those sectors which can't adapt easily to social distancing rules.

One of the biggest threats to any business is running out of cash. No-one knows how long the government will continue to support companies with 80% wage bailouts and no interest loans. Whatever is offered, companies of all sizes and in all sectors will need to protect their cash flow, particularly where sales revenues have fallen (which will be the majority of businesses).

Other than make redundancies - which carries with it the prospect of long term negative growth - one way to preserve cash is to rapidly cut running costs. However unless your business spend represents a significant sales growth for a new supplier, it will be difficult to make the kind of step change cost savings required to protect cash flow. That's where we can help.

Since 2002 Buying Support Agency has been supporting large corporate procurement teams and Directors of SMEs to reduce costs by up to 35% thanks to our BSA Buying Group's buying power and supply chain partnerships. NOW is the time to tap into this free resource for your own business. We offer a wide range of indirect costs - from energy to insurance, from parcel courier services to telecoms, waste recycling to merchant fees, workwear/cleaning supplies to packaging. Plus we can protect your staff via our partnership with myworkperks - we've negotiated free access which will reduce their household finances and protect their mental well-being.

You've spent years building your business success, so whilst we may not stop you worrying, we can at least free up more of your cash and more of your time to focus on re-building your sales revenues. Call 0800 254 0344 and our procurement team will rapidly get to work on your behalf.

Best regards

Matt Roper

(Founder & CEO, Buying Support Agency Ltd)

by Matt Roper | 4 May 2020

BSA Buying Group teams up with peoplevalue to give UK businesses free access to Employee benefits

Posted 18 April 2020 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

We are delighted to announce that we are working with peoplevalue, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits companies, to give small businesses free access to their benefits solution "myworkperks."

The coronavirus pandemic has emphasised just how important it is for businesses to look after their employees. Small businesses, who usually have less money and resources to support their employees in normal circumstances, are now also having to fight to survive in this new world that we’re living in. This means it’s even more difficult for them to provide the benefits and support their employees deserve.

To offer a helping hand in this challenging time, we’ve teamed up with peoplevalue to give small businesses free-for-life access to myworkperks, peoplevalue’s employee benefits solution.

What is myworkperks?

myworkperks was designed by peoplevalue to make employee benefits accessible and affordable for small businesses. Businesses sign up via the myworkperks website and from there they can set up their very own benefits platform, usually starting at a cost of £5 per employee, per month.

Benefits include shopping discounts, discounted cinema tickets, competitions, an internal recognition tool as well as a suite of wellbeing features ranging from a debt management service to online fitness classes.

Supporting small businesses

In this challenging time, it’s even more valuable for small businesses to be able to provide benefits and support that make their employees’ lives that bit easier. We’re delighted to be able to offer our small business contacts free access to myworkperks. You will need to enter the following promotional code BSA30 to register for free. Through the platform, your employees will be able to save money on their essential shopping at the supermarket, as well as a fantastic range of other benefits and wellbeing features.

To find out more about myworkperks, visit

by M Roper | 18 April 2020