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BSA Buying Group teams up with Professional Golfers' Association (PGA)

Posted 16 July 2018 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

BSA Buying Group is pleased to announce its latest trade association member benefit offer, this time with the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA). This has been arranged thanks to BSA's long-standing partnership with Parliament Hill, which manages the member benefit service on behalf of the PGA.

Tristan Crew, PGA executive director – Member services, said: “Over the past year we have been focused on improving the range of benefits available to PGA Members.

“With the launch of PGA Benefits it will be easier for our Members to take advantage of these new offers and, more importantly, save them money on everyday expenses.

“We will continue to develop new benefits as we move into the future, taking guidance from the recent Members Survey results, and we will also looks to develop benefits which are more accessible to our Members in Ireland and further afield.”

To access PGA Benefits, Members simply have to sign into the Members’ area on and click on ‘my benefits’.

Calling all trade associations: BSA Buying Group has partnered with many well known trade associations over many years, helping to provide members with business cost savings. If your trade association would like to find out more about how our service works, and the benefits we can bring to your members, please call 0800 254 0344 and ask to speak with the CEO, Matt Roper.

by M Roper | 16 July 2018

Effective Negotiation eBook now available

Posted 11 August 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Effective Negotiation eBook (NEW)

All business professionals, particularly buyers and sellers, need to master their negotiating skills if they are to succeed in their careers. Following on from our highly successful Effective Negotiation training course, our CEO Matt Roper has written an eBook "Clinching the Deal...43 minutes to Negotiation Success" (PDF format). which you can now download.

Just click on the appropriate button below (there are 3 currency options, Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars):

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by M Roper | 11 August 2016

BSA Buying Group partners with webexpenses

Posted 28 July 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

BSA Buying Group is delighted to launch a partnership with cloud-based expenses management software provider, webexpenses.

Thanks to the partnership, BSA offers all BSA Buying Group clients a 10% discount on webexpenses software.

Since 2000, the powerful feature set is designed to help companies fully manage employee expenses in one integrated solution for greater efficiency. Webexpenses software is simple, intuitive and significantly reduces the time staff spend submitting expenses.

The award-winning software is proven to save businesses time and money by automating the expenses process. Webexpenses can save businesses to 25% in T&E processing costs.

Configured for your company

Webexpenses software can be configured to your company, whether you are a SME or an international business - webexpenses can work with all sized organisations.

Seamless integration

Webexpenses integrates seamlessly with all major financial software providers; including Xero, SAGE and SAP. Webexpenses talks to your existing finance software; providing the flexibility to choose the best solution for your set-up. Whichever option you decide, the set-up is a simple and hassle-free process with no disruption to your business.

Click here to

by M Roper | 28 July 2016

BSA Buying Group launches Vehicle Fleet Leasing

Posted 21 July 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

BSA Buying Group has recently launched its 24th overhead cost category - Vehicle Fleet. We've developed a framework of commercial vehicle leasing brokers to provide members with access to significantly improved vehicle fleet leasing deals.

All brokers have been carefully selected to ensure high levels of customer care, and all are members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

If you're looking to reduce the cost of leasing your commercial fleet, why not use our buying power? Give us a call on 0800 254 0344.

by Matt Roper | 21 July 2016

40% of SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the past 5 years

Posted 29 March 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

40% of SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the past 5 years

Hands up whose been hassled in the recent past by utility brokers, wanting to save you money? Yet despite the constant barrage of cold calls, it may surprise you to learn that nearly 40% of all UK SMEs haven't switched energy supplier in the last five years.

That's a staggering one third of all small firms losing out on the historically low energy rates currently in the wholesale energy market. Worse still, we speak to many companies who admit to being on out of contract rates, the majority of which are therefore paying way more than they need to.

There are many hundreds of brokers across the UK, many of whom are reputable but many who are sadly less so. With so many cold calls from brokers, no wonder many companies are confused and put off from acting because they don't know which brokers will deliver best value. Added to that, many perceive that switching is a hassle.

That's where BSA Buying Group can help.

Joining the BSA Buying Group's Utilities category is all about minimising your company's gas and electricity prices and holding on to the best deal for the right length of time. Not just that, as a buyer, we've carefully vetted and hand-picked our Utilities broker partners, ensuring that we only work with those experts who are highly regarded in the sector. They keep a constant watch on the whole market and are independent of the individual energy providers. And we keep a constant watch on them.

And switching is very simple, too.

What are the benefits of joining the Utility category of BSA Buying Group?

Our Utilities Partners are constantly reviewing the Gas and Electricity market place to ensure that the very best deal can be secured for our members. Given the major supply risks and price volatility in the market the need for specialist support is all the more important. When Utility prices drop you will be in the privileged position of having specialists on your side who will react immediately to ensure that you enjoy price reductions as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of changing supply?

You will get a better deal if you allow our experts to look around on your behalf. Timing is critical and they have the market knowledge to help your company optimise its utility contract.

What peace of mind do I have that quality will not deteriorate?

Our Utilities partners know the marketplace and only work with the top service providers, known for their value, quality of service, financial security and strength in the market. You will of course be informed of the preferred supplier prior to your decision to sign up to the proposed contract and at all times you are free to decide which supplier is right for your business. You are not obligated to accept the quotes.

Will I see any difference once I've switched supplier?

If you change to a supplier who gives you savings on your bills, you will see the difference financially. There will be no other changes.

Will I receive ongoing support once the change has taken place?

Our utility specialist brokers will continually support you, helping you with problems or questions that may arise. They will also be happy to provide free advice on your future requirements as the marketplace changes in the future. BSA Buying Group is also monitoring supplier performance to ensure that Clients continue to be happy over the long term, and you can call us if you're not happy with their performance.

If I sign a new agreement what happens?

We will let you know exactly when you will be seamlessly transferred to the new supplier. Our Utilities specialists hold the contract end date information on a database, so that they can review market rates on your behalf just prior to contract expiry, to ensure that you continue to obtain the very best rates over the long term.

What are the steps to switching supply?

First contact BSA Buying Group to join up as a member. This will then open up access to all 24 cost categories covered by the Buying Group, including Utilities. Then post us copies of your last bills for electricity and/or gas supply, and inform us of the expiry date of your existing Utilities contract. We will also send you a Letter of Authority ('LOA') which you will need to print off on your letter-headed paper then sign and send back to us. We will then work with our Utilities specialists to analyse your current charges compared to what is available in the marketplace. The utility partners will then present their findings. You have no obligation to accept the quotes provided unless you wish to progress and enjoy the improved supply arrangement. Switching is really simple and quick too. So save time, boost your profits and make it easier to turn away the cold callers, by ringing 0800 254 0344 today.

by M Roper | 29 March 2016

Challenge Your Bank & Legal Fees

Posted 23 February 2016 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

All companies at certain points in time procure banking, legal and mortgage & business finance services. But the challenge, particularly for small and medium sized companies, is to find a trusted service provider that will deliver genuine value for money and high levels of service over time. This is why many companies stick doggedly with one provider over many years, not testing periodically whether there are more competitive alternatives in the marketplace.

BSA Buying Group recognises these issues, and has therefore developed a solution using its buying power coupled with its expertise in supply selection, tendering and ongoing performance management skills. You can be reassured that as a member of BSA Buying Group you can access highly capable service providers through our independent partner expertise. And we won't let complacency and 'fee creep' set in.

Banking advice and re-negotiation

We understand how critical it is for your business to have a good relationship with its bank. You typically don't need to change bank to improve this relationship still further. But this requires clear, strong and informed handling. It's a balance which our independent banking advisors can support you with.

It's surprising how often companies don't review their banking arrangements. It's perceived to be too difficult to change. But did you know that in many cases bank charges can be challenged and switching bank can save significant sums of money? Don't let the banks get away with charging higher fees - seek an independent review as it could be worth thousands of pounds of savings each year.

Our advisory partners also have a comprehensive benchmarking database of banking arrangements and costings, of real value when negotiating with the banks.

Fees are flexible and can be based on either an hourly rate or contingent on a share of the benefits received, or a combination of the two approaches, depending on your preference.

So whether you're seeking to tender out your banking requirements, re-negotiating your interest charges or wanting to resolve a dispute with your bank, joining BSA Buying Group is the best first step.

Legal firm selection and cost management

Our legal cost specialist partners, who are regulated and insured, cover all areas of civil costs and some criminal costs matters, from the smallest sums to complex multi-million pound disputes. They provide the following services:

1. Advising at the outset

If you are considering instructing solicitors, we will help to ensure your business doesn't pay over the odds. We advise on whether proposed fees are reasonable and on the terms of the solicitors' retainer. We also offer advice regarding different funding methods and assist in exploring litigation funding and insurance options where appropriate.

2. Advising during litigation

If you are concerned about mounting and unexpected legal costs, or if you are unclear about your costs liability, it is crucial to seek advice quickly. We will advise as to the reasonableness of the costs and also assist in negotiating and resolving disputes with solicitors regarding costs.

3. At conclusion of the litigation

If you have reached the conclusion of litigation and are faced with an enormous liability for legal costs - quite possibly both your own solicitors' costs and/or your opponent's costs, it might feel as though the horse has bolted. We can help. We save our clients an average of 40% of the costs claimed against them.

3. Arbitration

If you have a dispute with your solicitors or with an opponent in litigation regarding legal costs, we offer an independent arbitration service to assist in achieving resolution.

by M Roper | 23 February 2016

Launch of BSA Fuel Cards

Posted 27 October 2015 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Nobody goes into business to do paperwork or have to spend time keeping on top of a key business expense like fuel, so by having a fuel card through the BSA Buying Group, you can be assured of the control, security and convenience of branded fuel sites, with the opportunity to make savings against pump prices combined with one simple invoice for all fuel purchases meaning no VAT goes unclaimed.

What is an Fuel Card?

A BSA Fuel Card is a secure method of payment for fuel (and oil etc, if required) and they are issued on behalf of fuel companies to businesses to control their refuelling.

One of the key developments within the fuel card arena is that as travel is changing, there is demand for more and more products and services, which will be included on cards, such as Tolls, tyres etc. These will be available soon.

How much do I pay for the fuel?

On a fixed price fuel card you are given a weekly fixed price for fuel, which is effective at the garages which accept that card (and not all do). The savings will be different, depending on the pump price at each site, so on the motorway, the price that you pay may be 15ppl cheaper than the pump price, but at a local site there may be 2ppl saving. It is not a discount, but a weekly fixed price and you do NOT pay the price that the pump displays, but the price which you are sent each week, in advance.

For fleet cards, you will pay pump price and for the Allstar network, you will pay pump price and a Network Service Fee of £2 per transaction, but in return you get access to 95% of fuel stations in the UK. It is traditionally used as an administration tool, to claim VAT and provide secure payment.

How does it work?

After a simple application process, where you speak to a dedicated BSA Fuel Card Consultant, who advises you on the best network for your requirements, you receive your cards, have the weekly fixed price sent to you on a Friday for the following week and then use the cards at the relevant stations as payment. You are then billed by the card issuer for your fuel, with a breakdown of all purchases - where, when, which card, fuel volume, price etc. and payment is then taken by direct debit a week later. Businesses (Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited) who apply will be put through a credit check.

How do I know where I can use the card?

We send you those details of where you use the cards and it depends on which card you chose. For example our Esso card can be used at all Esso branded stations. Shell, however, offer around 500 stations (about half of all Shell sites) at a weekly fixed price. We give you Satelite Navigation files which you can upload as points of interest, an online site locator and can send you a list of sites, as required. In reality, drivers tend to use a couple of local stations and a handful of others when out on the road.

What are the Benefits?

  • There are many benefits for businesses by using fuel cards:
  • Administration - no lost receipts, no cash floats - just one invoice and one payment.
  • Control - you know where and when the cards have been used and by going online, you can see recent fill ups and monitor fuel use.
  • Security - cards can be tied to vehicles - so you know the fuel is going into your vehicles.
  • Savings - we offer a weekly fixed price at many sites, so you can save up to 3p per litre or as much as 15p per litre at motorway sites, which may be convenient, but at pump price you wouldn't use.
  • Branded fuel - we offer BP, Shell, Esso & Texaco brands, as well as commercial networks such as UK Fuels and Keyfuels, so you know that you are getting a quality product.
  • You know the price in advance, so you can budget and drivers are not making the price decision. Would your business buy anything else without knowing the price beforehand ?
  • No dead mileage - how many times do drivers come off route to use a cheap supermarket site, so after extra mileage, driving and queuing time at a busy site, they have saved 2p per litre at the pump, but cost 10p per litre in lost time and extra mileage !
  • A FREE Fuel Analysis Exclusive to BSA Buying Group Members - we will analyse your fuel spending patterns and make recommendations on your fuel usage, highlighting savings.
  • A Dedicated Account Manager - you speak to a real person in the UK who knows your account and can solve issues there and then.
  • Compliance - we hold all your invoices for six years, so you have no lost paperwork.
  • Coverage - we give you a high percentage of main road and motorway sites, many open 24 hours, to meet your needs.
  • Credit terms on your purchases
  • No minimum spend, no low or non usage fees
  • Free cards in the first year (then £4 per card per year thereafter) - a special discount for BSA Buying Group Members
  • Online access to your account 24/7
  • Sat Nav files with all the information that you need - 24 hours, HGV lane, Shop, WC etc.
  • Free one year membership of The Gourmet Society (worth £72) giving savings at thousands of restaurants.


Fuel Cards are a flexible, secure payment method for businesses, which allow drivers access to fuel and vehicle related products (if required). There are different pricing policies and differing levels of coverage, depending on the network, so you must look at your requirements and priorities and assess what is the best option for your business.

How do I take advantage of this benefit?

To take up these benefits, you need to be a member of BSA Buying Group. To join, simply call 0800 254 0344 or complete the enquiry form. Joining is very quick and easy, and gives you immediate access to all 24 cost categories.

by M Roper | 27 October 2015

BSA SmartCash - show your staff you care

Posted 27 October 2015 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

BSA SMARTCASH - show your staff you care

We've spent the last decade helping UK companies to cut costs, save time and boost profits. Many hundred have joined BSA Buying Group and tapped into our buying power across 24 separate cost categories.

Now we're thrilled to be able to do the same for your staff... through BSA SmartCash!

BSA SmartCash, an online platform, allows our clients' staff to search for their favourite UK retailers, products and categories. On product search the members' results will be displayed via our price comparison feed, which contains 10 million products. Members can shop with peace of mind knowing they're not only receiving the lowest possible online price but also relevant discount voucher codes and cashback available. There are over 3,000 retailers, including Argos, Tesco, Debenhams, House of Fraser, M&S, Homebase.

How it works

1) Search for product or retailer

2) Product results are generated

3) Purchase made on retailer site

4) Cashback awarded

So if you want to reward your employees, taking away some of their stress by supporting their household budgets, then you should seriously consider joining BSA Buying Group and then, as well as cutting your company's own running costs by up to 58%, we'll give you free access to BSA SmartCash.

by M Roper | 27 October 2015

BSA Buying Group launches Travel Booking Service

Posted 10 June 2015 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Thanks to the buying power of BSA Buying Group, we have negotiated exclusive discounted rates with the award winning Business Travel Direct for all our clients. Our offering includes discounts off hotels, exclusive fares and specialist support for your business travel requirements, as well as access to an online booking tool for all your travel needs. Joining BSA Buying Group means you can get to grips with your company's travel procurement and save both time and money.

Win 2 Eurostar Tickets to Brussels

How do you fancy winning a pair of Eurostar tickets? Travelling to Brussels in standard class, and returning in standard premier at any time in 2015. To enter, just click the link below and complete the 'Managing your Business Travel' survey which will take no more than 2 minutes. Deadline for entry midnight Friday 31st July 2015.

Click here to go to Survey

How do I access the Travel Booking Service?

To access the Travel Booking Service, as well as accessing the other 20+ cost cutting categories within BSA Buying Group, give us call and we will get you signed up. Membership costs as little as £41.25 + vat per month, with savings of up to 35%.

Click here to find out more

by M Roper | 10 June 2015

Time fast running out - UK Firms to lose millions in Business Rates Shake up

Posted 13 March 2015 | Feed Icon | 0 Comments

Buying Support Agency is concerned that many companies may lose out on millions of pounds worth of business rates rebates thanks to a proposed government legislative change at the end of March. Our Client Director, Graham Dickinson, talks about the issue in today's article in the Daily Telegraph Click here to read the article

What can my firm do to ensure we don't lose out?

Please don't delay - if you want us to lodge an appeal and ensure your firm doesn't lose out, call us on 0845 555 3344 or email us with your contact details and one of our team will call you straight back.

by G Dickinson | 13 March 2015