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Choosing the Right Partner

As the number of companies offering IT Services, Hosting and Cloud based solutions mushrooms, choosing the right provider is a difficult task. BSA partner suppliers provide a premium service so if you require a high level of service with high availability, delivered in a secure, stable environment then working with BSA's carefully selected IT Supplier Partners could be the right choice for you.

Top Tier Microsoft Gold Hosting Partners

BSA's IT support partners are recognised as being in the top tier of Microsoft Gold Partners for hosting services in the UK. As well as being Microsoft Gold Partners, they have experience of delivering a large number of ERP solutions, industry specific applications and bespoke solutions in collaboration with partners. BSA partner suppliers currently deliver applications at speed to more than 100 countries and have invested in purpose built Pods within Tier 4 data centres which are on-net.

Our suppliers' management teams have been delivering hosting services for decades.This experience allows them to fully understand all the critical elements of hosting, application delivery and the clients' experience.


BSA partner suppliers provide a "Boutique Practice" based approach to the delivery of their IT services. They recognise the need of all BSA clients to be able to engage at all business levels directly with the delivering partner to avoid any delay or misinterpretation of services required. This is highlighted by our preferred suppliers' engagement model, on-going management of systems, clients and their professional services approach.

The word boutique was coined by one of the clients who selected one of the BSA partner suppliers after a 'beauty' parade with a number of other potential providers. They saw the BSA suppliers as a "best fit-least risk" option in terms of their experience, financial position, knowledge, technology platform and the fact that they felt the BSA partner would be good to work with in terms of personalities.

Financially Stable

BSA stipulate that their supplier partners must be built and financed in a risk adverse way. They are 100% owned by the Directors and Senior Management Team and have no external investment or finance from parties outside of their business. This allows recipients of those services to invest with confidence in the hosting platform and safe in the knowledge that they have access to all levels within their supplier's management team.

Working in Partnership

Our suppliers are channel led organisations and have experience of working with a number of vendor and service providers to deliver effective mission critical solutions. Partnerships are critical to any managed service offering as there could be as many as 8-10 different organisations involved in complex deployments. BSA partner suppliers have a long history of working in this way and this simple knowledge can bring significant value to a partnership and solution deployments.

Zip Mentality

Any deployments of critical applications or solutions no matter how small are important. Without the correct management knowledge or relationships, deployments can easily encounter issues, run over or in some cases come to a grinding halt. BSA partner suppliers operate a company zip mentality with clients and numerous technology partners where all levels of the business interactions are aligned. Examples being:

This mentality means that delivery of projects are on-time, on-budget and minimise any risks that could potentially happen.


BSA only work with suppliers who know when there is, or likely to be, an issue with any application to be managed. Our clients want to know the problem has been recognised and that action is being taken or resolved on a "Right First Time" basis. BSA have vetted their partner suppliers to ensure that they have invested in their staff and monitoring solutions in a wide variety of areas so they can take action should any issues arise and to monitor services levels are maintained.

Dedicated Team

Some IT companies have issues with the movement of people in and out of their businesses. This can be contractors or off-shore Technical help desks. The lack of continuity can effect deployments and relationships with clients and can lead to significant issues throughout all aspects of an account. The teams at our preferred suppliers have worked together for many years and pride themselves that the staff are long standing and have developed within their companies. This dedication and team mentality is not only important for our suppliers clients, many of whom have grown with them over the years, but also new customers working with BSA.

BSA partner suppliers work in true partnership and will work with you to find a solution to any issues encountered. We like the fact that they never point the finger and never say - "this is not in our remit." They proactively work through challenges with all the stakeholders to ensure down time is minimised, customer satisfaction is upheld and relationships are maintained.

Finally, BSA's partner suppliers have been recognised by Microsoft, HP and other vendors, winning numerous accolades and awards, which have been gained because they offer all the service, knowledge and solutions at the correct price point but with a personal and flexible touch.

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